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For beginners in real estate, choosing which niche can sometimes be enough to make your head start spinning.  This will be a first in a week long study for beginner real estate investors.Education
The first step you need to take is to get some quality education.  Buy some courses.  Read discussion forums.  Attend a bootcamp if you can afford it.  These are all great tools.  My office is stacked with various courses and I have attended 3 different bootcamps.
Your choices:  short sales, buying REO’s, buying nonperforming notes, working vacant houses, landlording and rental properties, buying sub-2, buying owner financed, using lease options, using options, wholesaling, rehabbing, private lending, and the list trillo settlement goes on.  Eventually, you see that these all tie togetherAction
It doesn’t do you, or your family any good to not take action.  As a matter of fact, this is where many people get stuck.  They obtain a lot of book/forum smarts, but can’t bring themselves to pull the trigger for the life of them.For Better or Worse
Look at ritzily settlement where you are today.  Do you think that by taking some actions, you could possibly be in a better position.  Or better yet:  what is the worst that could happen ?  Will you die as a result of a poor sagesse settlement decision ?  probably not.
However, is thee a possibility that you will be better off obturator settlement ?  Absolutely.  When I look back at my first dozen or habitual settlement so properties I purchased, I made mistakes.  I believe that is how you learn this business the best.  If you are going to fall short, at least fall forward.  Use that momentum to catapult yourself to greater things.  Look back at each experience and come away with several ahh-has that can help you next time. 
Deal experimenting also allows you to find a certain comfort zone with particular types of investing.  Some you will like, some you won’t.  Some may be limbie settlement more profitable in your area, others won’t.  Don’t despair.
Continue On, Your Friend and Mentor,
Brandon Yeager
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